Mayor Michael Bloomberg

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Since same-sex marriage became legal in New York, there have been 8,200 weddings and a $259M windfall.

East Village »

Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended his controversial large soda ban plan one day before a public hearing.

Williamsburg »

City officials had a 'big meeting' to figure out how to handle ongoing McCarren Pool violence.

Sugar Hill »

City officials say the project should be a model development.

New York City »

Elementary and middle schools students saw modest test score gains, but city still lags behind state.

New York City »

From now on, the Board of Elections will use memory sticks to calculate election night results.

New York City »

The city's bike share program has been delayed by at least a month.

Williamsburg »

The East River Ferry, which transports passengers around the city, has topped one million riders.

Jamaica »

Mayor Michael Bloomberg slammed the NYCLU Sunday for criticizing the city's stop-and-frisk policy.

New York City »

A new report found individual student performance changes very little over time.

East Harlem »

Locals say the ban will hurt businesses and will not solve the obesity crisis.

New York City »

The mayor said a recent uptick in shootings does not constitute a "crime wave."

New York City »

Shootings just last week hurt 77 people.

New York City »

The EDC illegally lobbied the City Council behind the scenes, the Attorney General's office said.

Union Square »

Expanding the 'Health Bucks' program is expected to greatly increase low-income people's produce access.