Christine Quinn

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Union Square »

The mayoral hopeful said the proposal is part of a program to combat the city's child obesity rates.

Union Square »

The Speaker says the council's recently passed police inspector general bill will reign in the NYPD.

Midtown »

Christine Quinn had a key role in bringing about the likely limit on Madison Square Garden's new permit.

Upper East Side »

The mayoral candidate called on the FDA to change rules that have been in place since the AIDS epidemic.

Civic Center »

The City Council voted Thursday to override the mayor's veto of a bill that would ensure paid sick leave.

New York City »

A Quinnipiac University poll shows Bill Thompson, Christine Quinn and Anthony Weiner are virtually tied.

West Village »

The 5-4 ruling allows same-sex married couples to receive the same benefits as heterosexual couples.

Yorkville »

Anti-MTS group Pledge 2 Protect has vowed to keep project proponents out of political office.

Civic Center »

A new poll has Anthony Weiner edging out frontrunner Christine Quinn, according to reports.

Chelsea »

SEIU 32BJ called Christine Quinn a "sister" in the struggle for workers' rights.

New York City »

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced a budget deal Sunday night.

Cobble Hill »

SUNY Downstate halted ambulance service and critical care at Long Island College Hospital.

Upper East Side »

Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson said a Meatpacking facility should handle the trash temporarily.  

Midtown »

Christine Quinn called for a "new Manhattan home" for The World's Most Famous Arena.

East Harlem »

The City Council Speaker made her remarks at the East Harlem Asthma Center for Excellence.