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Worth a Click: 11 Stories You Should Read Today

By DNAinfo Staff | July 28, 2016 2:41pm | Updated on July 28, 2016 3:20pm

 Vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine speaks on day three of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.
Vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine speaks on day three of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.
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Trump Calls on Russia to Find Hillary Clinton’s Missing Emails

Republican nominee Donald Trump wants Russian intelligence agencies to find Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails. "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing," Trump said Wednesday at a news conference.

But on Thursday, after numerous speakers at the Democratic National Convention accused him of endangering national security and conspiring with a U.S. adversary, Trump said he was just “sarcastic.” [New York Times and CNN]

The Mother of a Pulse Nightclub Victim Gave One of the Best Speeches at the DNC

Christine Leinonen, whose son Christopher was killed in the massacre at the Orlando nightclub Pulse, spoke eloquently about her son’s legacy of love and the need for common-sense gun control at the DNC. 

“Christopher’s paternal grandparents met and fell in love in a Japanese internment camp,” she said when speaking about her son’s humanitarian efforts. “So it was in his DNA that love always trumps hate.” [New York Magazine]

Meet Michelle Obama’s Speechwriter

Michelle Obama was the clear winner of Monday night’s convention with a speech that had the entire audience — and the internet — in awe. Who wrote it? Meet 38-year-old Sarah Hurwitz, the first lady’s head speechwriter. [Washington Post]

America Owes Millions to the Slaves Who Built the White House

The first lady mentioned that slaves built the White House in her speech, causing a lot of buzz, so The Daily Beast went ahead and estimated that America would owe their descendants $83 million when accounting for interest. Each slave’s owner was given $60 a year for their work, while the slaves, who had no last names or official documents, got nothing. [The Daily Beast]

Tim Kaine is Everyone’s Dad and the Internet’s Got Jokes

Sure, Tim Kaine is Clinton’s running mate. But he’s also your dad. And your step-dad. Seriously, take a look at the evidence. During the third night of the DNC, everybody recognized the kindly, earnest, Sunday-school-teaching, bad-impression-making man in front of them for what he truly is: that dad you can call for a ride home, whenever and who is definitely going to embarrass you with his harmonica playing. [BuzzFeed and Washington Post]

Stephen Colbert Is Dead. Long Live Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert, the entertainer, revived Stephen Colbert the character last week for a "Late Show" sketch with his old pal Jon Stewart. Unfortunately, unnamed “corporate lawyers” at an unnamed company (probably his old home Comedy Central) took issue, claiming that the character is their company’s intellectual property. RIP Stephen Colbert. [New York Times]

'Saturday Night Live's' Michael Che and Colin Jost Take on the DNC

The "SNL" stars did a special “Weekend Update” segment on Wednesday night for the DNC. The bit was full of recaps on all the speakers, including Kaine and current Vice President Joe Biden, as well as outside critics like Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly and diehard Bernie Sanders’ fans. [Vulture]

Father Accuses Trump of Taking Advantage of the ‘Freedom Kids’ Trio

The father one of the ‘Freedom Kids’ — a trio of dancing, singing freedom-loving, preteens who performed at a Florida Trump rally — plans on suing the presidential nominee after his campaign failed to pay them for their performance or reimburse their travel expenses, the Washington Post reports. [Washington Post]

Trump Sought to Hire Foreign Workers for His Florida Golf Club

Though Trump has been touting his role as an American job-creator throughout his campaign, BuzzFeed found that the presidential hopeful applied to bring in foreign workers to fill 78 positions at two of his Florida golf clubs, claiming he couldn’t find enough American workers to fill the posts. [BuzzFeed]

That Viral ALS ‘Ice-Bucket' Challenge Has Apparently Done Some Good

All those ice-buckets you watched dumped on friends, celebrities, and maybe yourself, raised $115 million, money that’s helped bolster research into what some scientists are calling a major breakthrough in understanding genes that may cause some types of ALS. [Quartz]

Beetles Do Beatles: Music Coup for an Animated Netflix Show

Reaching back into what is perhaps music’s golden age, a new Netflix children’s cartoon called “Beat Bugs” uses the music of Bob Dylan, Motown and The Beatles to bring those classic melodies to today’s tots. [New York Times]


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