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Man Who Told Woman 'I'm Going to Rape You' Killed by Her Husband: Victim

By  Trevor Kapp Aidan Gardiner and Eddie Small | May 31, 2016 9:19am | Updated on June 1, 2016 7:23am

 Mamadou Diallo, left, beat Earl Nash, right, who attacked Diallo's wife in Morrisania, police said.
Mamadou Diallo, left, beat Earl Nash, right, who attacked Diallo's wife in Morrisania, police said.
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Family Handout and Department of Corrections

MORRISANIA — An ex-con who pushed his way into a Bronx apartment and told a woman "I don't want money, I'm going to rape you" was beaten to death by her husband, the victim said Tuesday.

The husband, Mamadou Diallo, was initially arrested for manslaughter, police said. He was released after getting arraigned on lesser charges of assault, reports said.

Earl D. Nash, 43, knocked on the apartment door of Nenegale and Mamadou Diallo inside 1240 Washington Ave. near East 168th Street, about 9:26 p.m. Monday, NYPD officials said.

Mamadou was outside and Nenegale thought her kids might have been trying to return home, so she opened the door enough for Nash to push his way inside, she said.

 He attacked his wife's would-be rapist in their Morrisania apartment building, police said.
He attacked his wife's would-be rapist in their Morrisania apartment building, police said.
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He locked both the door's locks and started taking off his pants as Nenegale begged him to leave, she said.

"If you want something like money, please let me give you. Please, leave me alone," Nenegale told him.

"I don't want anything. I don't want money. I'm going to rape you," he said.

"No! Please, please!" Nenegale begged as he pushed her to the floor and hit her.

Nash briefly attacked her sister, who was also in the apartment, but then went into the kitchen, giving Nenegale a chance to bolt for the door, she said.

"I run to the door to open the door. I make a lot of noise. I yell, 'Help! Help! Help!' Then he runs and he hits me again," she said.

Nash locked the door again and started beating Nenegale and cursing at her. At one point, he hit her with a chair.

"He hit me in my head and I fall again," Nenegale said.

Police said Nenegale's sister helped to pull Nash off of her, and Nenegale managed to grab her phone in the fray.

"I took my phone and see my husband's number first. I pressed the number. I made a loud noise, screaming, 'Please, help me! Help me! Call the police!' Then he slapped me again. The phone is falling, but I was making noise so my husband could hear the noise," she said.

It took Mamadou about 20 minutes to return home, Nenegale estimated.

Nash tried to flee, but Nenegale went out into the hallway, hoping to get neighbors to halt his escape.

"I came to the hallway and made a lot of noise. Everybody opened the door because they heard the noise," she said.

"I see my husband. I say, 'That's him! Don't let him go out! Please, hold the elevator!'" she added.

Mamadou caught up to Nash, who then kicked him, Nenegale said. But Mamadou retaliated and beat Nash to death, police said. Nash was pronounced dead at the hospital, officials said.

Mamadou, a livery driver from Guinea who has been arrested once before, was arrested for manslaughter, police said. Records on his previous arrest are sealed, police said.

No charges have been drawn up yet in the Monday arrest, and officials are still talking to people and waiting on the cause of death, according to the Bronx District Attorney’s Office.

Nenegale, who suffered bruises to her forehead, recalled sitting naked and dazed after the attack.

"I had a headache," Nenegale said. "He broke all of my clothes. I had no clothes at the time. I'm very dizzy at the time."

Friends said Mamadou Diallo is upstanding and stays out of trouble, and police said he was the one who made the 911 call.

"He's a good guy. He's been in this country 27 years and never had a problem," the friend, who asked not to be named, said of Diallo.

Nash has been arrested 14 times since 1997, and there is no indication that he knew the Diallos before the attack, according to the NYPD.

In 2006, he was convicted for selling drugs and bribery, according to prison records. He was released in February 2011, but returned to prison on a parole violation the next April, a pattern he repeated until July 2015, a Department of Corrections spokesman said.

Nash was arrested in September 2015 for harassment and criminal contempt, court records show. Nash banged on the front door of a woman who had an order of protection against him while her children were inside, court records show. He was briefly held on $1,500 bail but released after four days, records show.

About a month later, Nash was arrested again for selling drugs, records show. He was held on $3,000 bond, which he paid Dec. 23, records show.

Then in December, the court ordered he be held on $1 bail in the harassment case, which he hadn't posted, records show. It wasn't clear why he was out of custody.

He was arrested again May 14 for trespassing, a parole violation, but then released six days later, jail records show.