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Worth a Click: 6 Stories You Should Read Today

By DNAinfo Staff | May 5, 2016 2:15pm 

 Prince at the Grammys in 2013.
Prince at the Grammys in 2013.
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Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian

Prince Was Expected to Meet with Addiction Expert the Day After His Death

More information is emerging around the circumstances of the beloved performer’s death, with the Star Tribune reporting that a doctor who specializes in opioid addiction had been recently contacted about treating the star for “a grave medical emergency.” [Star Tribune]

Memories of Ted Cruz as Texas Solicitor General

The presidential campaign of Sen. Ted Cruz has come to an end, which Slate writer Dahlia Lithwick used as an opportunity to reminisce about her days with him on the college debate circuit. She remembers him as being “too loud, too umbragey, and too rehearsed” for college arguments but said he was a perfect fit for arguments in front of the Supreme Court as the solicitor general of Texas, describing him as someone who was much better as an oral advocate than as a presidential candidate. [Slate]

A Model American: Who, Exactly, is Melania Trump?

The New Yorker tries to go below the surface of our potential First Lady: the conclusion, she’s no dummy, but she’s also still mostly just “the perfect body on which to hang a brand. If First Ladies have traditionally been public-service announcements, then she is a slickly produced advertorial.” [New Yorker]

Life on Death Row

How do you keep your sanity when you’re in a solitary cell for 23 hours a day? How do prisoners grieve when their only companions — other death row inmates — are executed? In this five-part interactive series the New York Times explores what life behind bars is like for people condemned to die. [NYT]

Stealing Food When You’re Hungry Isn’t a Crime, Italian Court Rules

Italy’s highest appeals court threw out the conviction of a homeless man who had been fined and sentenced to six months in jail for stealing about $4.70 worth of cheese and sausage, the New York Times reports. ”The right to survival has prevailed over the right to property,” wrote Italian editor Massimo Gramellini in an opinion piece following the ruling. “In America that would be blasphemy.” [NYT]

Facebook Drives More Traffic to News Stories, But Twitter Creates More Engagement, Study Finds

The Pew Research Center studied more than 70 million visits to online articles to study reading habits. The report, released Thursday, found that while Facebook by far drives the most traffic, when readers are directed to an article via Twitter, they’re more engaged with it. [Quartz]

This column was compiled by DNAinfo reporters Irene Plagianos, Jeanmarie Evelly, Gwynne Hogan, Noah Hurowitz, Emily Frost and Eddie Small.