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Worth a Click: 10 Stories You Should Read Today

By DNAinfo Staff | January 7, 2016 2:43pm 

 Ken Griffey Jr. was named to the Baseball Hall of Fame after a record-breaking 99.318 precent of ballots listed him.
Ken Griffey Jr. was named to the Baseball Hall of Fame after a record-breaking 99.318 precent of ballots listed him.
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Feds Probing Chipotle Outbreak

Chipotle Mexican Grill is facing scrutiny after a norovirus outbreak at a Simi Valley, California restaurant last summer made more than 230 people sick. In December, the company was served with a subpoena as part of a criminal inquiry led by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California, in conjunction with the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Criminal Investigations. Last year, Chipotle also suffered an E. coli outbreak which sickened more than 50 people in 9 states. Sales at the chain plunged 30 percent in December and nearly 15 percent in the fourth quarter. [WSJ]

Griffey, Piazza Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

The 2016 class for the Baseball Hall of Fame will be Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza. Griffey was named on 99.318 percent of the ballots, which breaks the record for percentage of the vote previously held by Tom Seaver, who got 98.84 percent. A total of 437 out of the 440 voters listed Griffey on their ballots. Impressive, yes, but his greatest career achievement may still be his early '90s cameo on “The Simpsons.” [CBS Sports]

'Making a Murderer’ Attorney Dean Strang Interviews an Attorney He Finds Inspirational

If you devoured “Making a Murderer” and are jonesing for more from the nation’s newest heartthrob defense attorneys, take a look at this interview between Dean Strang and a peer he admires. [The Progressive]

Pro-Palestine Tweets Land New Jersey Teen in Trouble

A 16-year-old New Jersey student is at the center of a controversy surrounding her pro-Palestine (and anti-Israel) tweets and the accusation by her school that the tweets amounted to bullying. [NYT]

Germany is Building a Highway for Bikes

Attention bike riders, Germany is the country for you. Construction is underway to build a 100 kilometer highway exclusively for bicycles that will ultimately connect ten cities and four universities in Western Germany. The first 5 kilometer section of highway opened last month. The road will be about 13 feet wide with multiple lanes, will be lit at night and plowed when it snows, according to reports. [The Local]

Car Sales Reached a Record High in 2015

Back here in the States, Americans bought 17.5 million cars last year, breaking a record set in 2000 and marking a big turnaround for the auto industry. SUVs and pick-up trucks did particularly well, and 2016 is poised to do even better with sales of 17.8 million vehicles projected. [Quartz]

The Big Melt: The Last Antarctic Explorers Are Seeking Answers Inside The Ice

Newsweek takes the incredible trip to Antarctica, journeying with scientists into the “most deeply strange place on earth” as they search for answers to some of the world’s most pressing/scary questions, like what happens when sea levels will rise. While you freak out about climate change, at least you can enjoy the gorgeous photos. [Newsweek]

Thousands Tune in on Periscope to Watch People Crossing a Puddle

It’s the puddle seen around the world. A now-expired livestream of people attempting to cross a big puddle in Newcastle, U.K., had thousands of viewers this week after a marketing agency decided to set up a camera at their window. Staff said they were entertained watching people trying to navigate across the water for the past few weeks. Clearly, they weren’t alone in their interest as online spectators tuned in to see whether anyone would fall in and the creative ways people tried make their way — including one guy who brought a pink, inflatable lounger. [The Guardian]

The Politest Way To Carry a Bunch of Bags on the Subway

Gothamist, usually known for calling out bad straphanger behavior, featured a rare shot this week of a rider it held up as “the gold standard in subway etiquette.” This man is the opposite of a “man spreader” — he takes up as little space as possible in his seat while still manage to balance five gift bags on his lap and between his feet. Bravo, stranger! [Gothamist]

There’s Still A Chance to Win the Lotto

Nobody won the Powerball jackpot on Wednesday night, which means there is another chance for hopefuls on Saturday to win $700 million — the largest lottery in U.S. history, according to NBC. Now go out and get your ticket. [NBC]

This column was compiled by DNAinfo reporters Camille Bautista, Jeanmarie Evelly, Emily Frost, Gwynne Hogan, Noah Hurowitz, Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska, Irene Plagianos, Eddie Small, Danielle Tcholakian and Shaye Weaver.