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PHOTOS: Just a Man and His Horse Cruising Through Crown Heights

When you see a two-ton animal clopping down the streets of central Brooklyn, you’re going to have some feelings.

Nicole He remarked on Twitter that she spotted a mysterious man riding a black horse down Franklin Avenue last week.

A few days later, Sam Corbin of Brokelyn saw a similar pair on the avenue, this time in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

And she didn’t like it.

“You need to get out of the bike lane,” she wrote in an open letter to the clip-clopping fellow.

“Horses don’t belong on the road, but they especially don’t belong in a three-foot wide strip reserved for cyclists,” she continued. “They don’t have rear-view mirrors … They’re slower than the average cyclist at a canter, and you’ve got yours going at a leisurely trot.”

“Most annoying of all, I have to swerve to avoid riding through horsesh-t,” she said, with a photo to prove it.

“#icanteven” said another unbelieving horse-spotter in a May 5 Instagram post showing the man and his horse in the middle of Franklin Avenue and Eastern Parkway.


This fucking guy #icanteven

A photo posted by Sonja Sholklapper (@sovietsonja) on

On the same day, the Brooklyn-based band Fantastic Plastics tweeted a picture of the same man — same beard, same hat, same turquoise jacket — coming down the avenue near Pacific Street.

“#AwesomeDude” they wrote.

Who is this horseback-riding man-about-town? Where is he going? And more importantly, where is he keeping that horse?

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