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'Game of Thrones' Pastries Now Baked in Stuy Town

STUYVESANT TOWN — A die-hard "Game of Thrones" fan is seeking to bring the popular series to life through her baking.

Claudia Smith, a trained pastry chef, started running a baking business out of her home in Stuyvesant Town about four years ago. Although Smith’s online business, Enchanted Edibles, has always centered on a fantasy theme, she launched the "Game of Thrones" pastry line for the first time this year.

But unlike many themed pastries, Smith's pastries don’t have images of characters or scenes printed on them, she said.

Instead, the desserts she creates are inspired by the characters in the series or by particular settings mentioned in the books.

“I love creating an atmosphere inspired by mythology, fairy tales and witchy stuff,” said Smith, 54. “I love the books as well as the HBO series, and each is full of great food scenes that beg modern adaptations.”

For instance, Tyrion’s many-berry tart was inspired by her favorite character, Tyrion Lannister.

“Tarts and berries are something you’d see in Kings Landing,” said Smith, of the home of the king of the fictional land of Westeros. “I thought of Tyrion when deciding on the tart, because he’s always running around with prostitutes.”

The "Braavosi brown cake" is a mini chocolate cake sprinkled with hazelnuts and honey, and was inspired by Arya Stark's visit to the city of Braavos, where nuts and honey are plenty, Smith said.

She also makes lollipops shaped like butterflies and dragonflies, referencing to a "Game of Thrones" region called the Summer Islands.

"Reading 'Game of Thrones,' they very descriptively mention the food," Smith said. "I just love rustic food and that atmosphere."

Like her food, she creates an enchanted universe from her apartment in Stuyvesant Town, where she has lived for 26 years. Cauldrons and witch brooms adorn her living room, and antique lanterns hang from the ceiling.

Before baking, Smith worked as a stand-up comedian for 26 years. She went to French culinary school about six years ago, and worked as a pastry chef at a bakery called Milk and Cookies before starting her own business.

Most of her customer base lives in Stuy Town, but she also caters events and weddings with her fairytale-themed treats.

“There are so many incredible home bakers out there that can make a great croissant or chocolate cake, so you need to be different,” Smith said. “You have to bring yourself to it.”