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Band Pens Love Song to Pink-Loving Candidate Mindy Meyer

By Jill Colvin | August 17, 2012 3:39pm

BROOKLYN — Unconventional State Senate candidate Mindy Meyer called herself the “Diva of the District.” Now she’s got her own love song to prove it.

The Orthodox Jewish law student, who became the viral political hit of the summer thanks to her splashy hot pink and leopard-print website, matching wardrobe and questionable familiarity with New York politics, has now inspired a catchy new music video.

“And I know you’re going to face rejection. But you’ll always win in my election. Mindy, Mindy, Mindy, Mindy, I’ve got a plan: I’m going to be your first man," croons L.E. Doug Staiman of the formerly New York-based Groggers, who describe themselves as a “Jewish pop-punk band with a comic twist.”

The video, which has logged more than 2,300 YouTube hits since it was posted online Thursday night, combines quirky lyrics and a surprisingly catchy chorus with images of Meyer from across the web.

“I know they talk about you, and I don’t care. They say you’re a laughing stock, that you’re not self-aware. But I think they’re wrong, so know the things they say. I’d still let you give me a stop-and-frisk any day," he sings.

Staiman, 24, who recently moved to L.A., said the idea for the video came to him about a week ago, when he realized Meyer had become a full-on Internet meme.

“She was just so over-the-top-and an eccentric character, that I sort of thought that I had to write [about her]," said Staiman, whose never met or spoken to Meyer, but said they share some mutual friends.

While the song definitely takes some digs at Meyer, Staiman said it wasn't his intention to bring the bubbly Brooklynite down.

“I find her amusing,” he said, adding that she probably shared a lot in common with many young people in her district. “I like to put it out there and let people decide."

Meyer, 22, who is running on the Republican ticket against State Sen. Kevin Parker, didn't immediately return a call for comment on her new starring role.

But the attention seems right up her alley.

Earlier this summer, Meyer told DNAinfo.com New York she was first inspired to go to law school after watching the chick flick, "Legally Blonde," and thinks of herself as a a real-life version of Elle Woods, played by actress Reese Witherspoon in the film.

“She showed me that you could take pink and take it to a highfalutin' institution like Harvard,” said Meyer. “Why cant I bring it to the state Senate?”

She is also courting the likes of Kim Kardashian, hoping the reality star will help with the campaign.

”I know that a lot of people like her and I thought it would just be exciting to bring her on," she said. "She's like a diva. And she likes pink!”

Mayer's hot pink and leopard print-website features the LMFAO–inspired slogan, “I’M SENATOR AND I KNOW IT” flashing in blinged-out, animated diamond font, along with a version of the song thumping in the background.

The video was first tweeted by Capital New York.