LeBron James Went House-Hunting In the Village, Midtown, Report Says

By DNAinfo Staff on June 30, 2010 10:40am  | Updated on June 30, 2010 1:26pm

Could LeBron be taking over the Piano Man's old house?
Could LeBron be taking over the Piano Man's old house?
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By Nina Mandell

DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

MANHATTAN -- West Village residents may be getting a new neighbor — LeBron James.

A real estate broker told the New York Post that King James was house hunting in the neighborhood.

His main concern?

High ceilings, one source reportedly said.

The basketball superstar reportedly toured the home of Billy Joel and ex-wife Katie Lee put on the market after their split.

He also looked at an apartment in the Time Warner Building at Columbus Circle, the Post said.

The West Village apartment was listed at more than $12 million, and had its own private landscaped terrace.

The Time Warner Center apartment was reportedly more than $14 million.

Rumors of James' househunting surfaced last week when two real estate brokers were overheard talking about it at a cocktail party.

LeBron, who's being courted by the Knicks, has been spending a lot of time in New York.

He's been spotted in recent weeks partying with Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige at New York hotspots and with an expected contract upwards of $20 million a year, not counting endorsement money, can certainly afford a Manhattan vacation spot.