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Fort Greene »

Patrols Set to Clean Up Broken Bottles and Buried Glass in Fort Greene Park

Fort Greene Park's new director said more "glass patrols" are on the way.

Fort Greene »

Video of Dog Poop Scofflaw Sparks Ft. Greene Shame Campaign

A block association is encouraging locals to videotape or photograph dog owners who don't scoop poop.

Yorkville »

Luxe Yorkville Building Slapped for Burying Sidewalk Under Trash

A luxury building at York Avenue is covering the sidewalk in trash, sanitation officials said.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Massive Composting Scheme Planned for Green Skyscrapers

The Durst Organization plans to compost waste from 1,350 apartments.

Upper East Side »

E. 91st Street Waste Station Could Cost $554M over 20 Years, Report Says

That's twice what it would cost the city the keep its current waste transfer system, the report said.

Manhattan »

Recycling Plummets Under 'Green' Mayor's Watch

While the city is widely considered an environmental leader, its recycling efforts lag behind.

Upper East Side & Roosevelt Island »

Challenge to Controversial 91st Street Waste Transfer Station Dismissed

A lawsuit looking to stop the 91st Street Waste Transfer Station was dismissed Thursday.

Manhattan »

Riverside Trash Centers Could be Dumped After Decade-Long Fight

The city has proposed delaying construction on two controversial trash sites and the Gansevoort recycling center.

Manhattan »

City Can Save Half a Billion Dollars By Cutting Waste, Mayor Michael Bloomberg Says

As part of the new cost-cutting initiative, the city will be consolidating office space and eliminating redundant operations.