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Jobs for Teachers, Police and Firefighters Slashed Under Bloomberg

The vast majority of the city employees lost during Bloomberg's term as mayor were essential workers.

East Harlem »

Unions Vow to Push for Tax to Fund de Blasio's Universal Pre-K Plan

Union officials said they would fight for the mayor's tax hike on the wealthy in Albany.

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City Suing Teachers Union Over Breach of Rubber Room Agreement

Bloomberg said the union failed to uphold its end of a deal to handle teachers under investigation.

Washington Heights »

District Leader Candidate Flaunts Union Endorsement That He Never Received

Manny De Los Santos touted his UFT backing, but the union said it doesn't endorse in local races.

Civic Center »

With Walcott's Exit, Mayoral Candidates Are Eyeing His Successor

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said his last day will be Dec. 31, no matter who becomes the new mayor.

New York City »

New Assessments for Teacher Evals Could Emphasize Music, Art

Educators laud the assessments that could draw attention to subjects other than English and Math.

New York City »

City and Union Fail to Reach Deal on Teacher Evaluations

The deadline for the negotiations passed at midnight Friday.

New York City »

Teachers' Pension Fund Pledges $1 Billion for Post-Sandy Reconstruction

Former President Bill Clinton said the fund will invest in infrastructure for areas affected by Sandy.

New York City »

Teacher Tenure Rate Drops to Record Low

The percentage of teachers getting tenure has plummeted over the past two years.

New York City »

Arbitrator Halts Bloomberg's Plans to Fire Teachers at Struggling Schools

An arbitrator has ruled in favor of the teacher's union, halting the removal of teachers at 24 schools.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

City Renames Schools Marked for Closure

The names of 24 new schools have been anounced by the city.

Manhattan »

Mayor Says Arbitrators Would Give Ax Murderer "Slap on the Wrist”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that some arbitrators refuse to fire even worst teachers.

Manhattan »

Teachers Union Trusted More than Bloomberg, Poll Finds

More New Yorkers trust the teachers union than the mayor when it comes to policy, a new poll found.

Manhattan »

Mayor Vows Major Pay Raise For Top Teachers at State of the City Address

Mayor Michael Bloomberg delivered his State of the City Address in the Bronx Thursday.

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Millions in Funding Lost After Teacher Evaluation Talks Break Down

More than $60 million in federal education cash was suspended after teacher evaluation talks broke down.

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