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Carroll Gardens »

Man Arrested With Drugs After Trying to Steal $417 in Condoms, Police Say

Maxim Fedotov was arrested after trying to walk out of Carroll Gardens CVS, police said.

Jackson Heights »

Thief Bought $7,800 in iPhones Using School for the Deaf Employee's Card

The victim is an employee at the Lexington School for the Deaf. 

SoHo »

Upscale Jacket Boutique Moncler Hit by Shoplifters Twice in 3 Days

Winter jackets worth nearly $2,000 apiece were stolen from the 90 Prince St. shop in SoHo.

Bushwick »

Burglars Steal iPad, MacBook and Screwdrivers from Bushwick Home, NYPD Says

They broke in through the basement door and also took a purse and jacket, police said.

Fordham »

Bed and Sofa Stolen in Apartment Break-In , NYPD Says

The men broke into the Fordham apartment and stole the occupant's furniture, police said.

East Village »

Bandits Steal $1,220 from High-End Boutiques and Chocolate Shop, Police Say

Bond Street Chocolate, Rebecca Taylor and Molton Brown, police said.

Red Hook »

Ikea Driver Threatens to Kill Cabbie During Fare Fight, Officials Say

The driver was arrested last week outside the Red Hook megastore, police said.

Upper West Side »

Man Wanted for Snatching Women's Credit Cards at UWS Thai Restaurant

The suspect struck twice at Land Thai Kitchen on Amsterdam Avenue in September, police said.

Williamsburg »

Man Wearing Hat With Devil Horns Wanted for Theft, NYPD Says

The suspect took a wallet with more than $800 worth of property from a bar in Williamsburg.

Park Slope »

$13,000 Bike Stolen From Park Slope Townhouse, Police Say

The Guru Photon bicycle was stolen from a Park Slope basement on Jan. 15, according to a police report.

Concourse »

Man Pistol-Whipped as Thieves Take $600 in Push-in Robbery, Police Say

The thieves stole the 64-year-old man's cellphone and $600 in the Concourse robbery, police said.

East Village »

Thieves Steal $240 From East Village Thrift Shop, Police Say

The suspects robbed Goldwater, a boutique thrift shop on East Seventh Street, police said.

Tremont & East Tremont »

Thieves Tie Up and Rob 83-Year-Old Woman at Gunpoint, Only to Get $5

The trio of armed thieves pushed their way into the Prospect Avenue apartment, police said.

Carroll Gardens »

Restoration Hardware Fixtures, $400 Toilet Stolen From Brooklyn Home: NYPD

Thieves took more than $6,000 worth of designer products, a $400 toilet and wood flooring, police said. 

Financial District »

Box Cutter-Wielding Thief Swipes $60 Pants From Urban Outfitters, NYPD Says

The shoplifter threatened to cut store employees if they didn't let him leave, police said.