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Education Workers Scramble to Study For Test to Keep Their Jobs

Thousands of Education Department workers have to take civil service exams to keep their jobs.

Bed-Stuy »

Discarded Test Papers Behind Bed-Stuy School Reveal Student Information

Parents at the Eubie Blake School were upset to learn student names were accidentally released.

New York City »

City Maintains Sibling Priority in Competitive Gifted Program Admissions

The Department of Education has withdrawn planned changes to its gifted and talented admissions.

Battery Park City »

70 Stuyvesant High Students to Retake Regents Exam Amid Cheating Scandal

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said 70 students caught cheating on the Regents will retake the text.

Battery Park City »

Cheating Prevalent at High-Pressure Stuyvesant High School, Students Say

More than 70 percent of Stuyvesant students have copied homework, a student survey found.

Manhattan »

Poll Shows Strong Backing For Teacher Rating Release

The majority of voters polled said they agree teacher ratings should be made public.

Manhattan »

Find Your NYC Teacher's Rating

Parents can search their children's teachers' test score by name or school.

Manhattan »

Judge Orders Court-Appointed Monitor to Oversee FDNY Hiring

A federal court judge has ordered the installation of a court-appointed monitor to oversee the FDNY's hiring practices.

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January Regents Saved by Private Funds, Including $250K From Bloomberg

Six donations of $250,000, including one from Mayor Bloomberg, were collected to restore next January's Regents exams, which had been cut by the state.

Manhattan »

State DOE Reviews Testing System After Cheating Allegations Sweep Nation

State DOE will announce a series of measures to ensure state testing integrity, following allegations of cheating across the nation.

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Board of Regents Mulling Longer School Year

The State Board of Regents is considering proposals to lengthen the school day as well as the year.

Manhattan »

Students Who Graduate in January Can't Get Regents Diploma, State Says

Hundreds of seniors across the city who want to graduate in January will get a 'local diploma.'