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Bay Ridge »

City Dentists Buy Back Halloween Candy from Sugar-Loving Kids

More than 15 city dentists are participating in a buyback program for Halloween candy.

New York City »

Pricey Bottle Service Jeopardized by Big Soda Ban, Nightlife Industry Fears

The New York City Hospitality Alliance is hoping the city will change its plan for new enforcement rules.

New York City »

Ban on Large Sodas Rubber-Stamped by Board of Health

In six months drinks larger than 16 ounces will be outlawed in New York City.

East Village »

Mayor Bloomberg Says Proposed Large Soda Ban Won't be Stopped

Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended his controversial large soda ban plan one day before a public hearing.

New York City »

Shelly Silver Won't Block Bloomberg's Proposed Ban on Supersize Drinks

Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver said that, while he has concerns about the plan, he won't block it.

Flatiron »

Bloomberg Backs National Donut Day Despite Proposal to Ban Sugary Drinks

Mayor Bloomberg endorsed National Donut Day, a day after proposing to ban large sugary drinks.

New York City »

Starbucks Frappuccino Under Attack in Mayor's Sugary-Drink Crackdown

Many New Yorkers were outraged that the city's possible drinks ban would likely apply to Frappuccinos.

New York City »

New Soda Ban Would Outlaw Super-Sized Sugary Drinks

The ban would apply to restaurants, movie theaters and even food carts, limiting drinks to 16 ounces.

Manhattan »

Sen. Gillibrand Withholds Support for Food Stamp Ban on Soda

Gillibrand was reportedly "still looking" at a plan to remove sugary drinks from the list of acceptable food stamp purchases.