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Upper East Side »

Manhattan and Brooklyn sales prices and rents continue to rise at a record pace, StreetEasy found.

Crown Heights »

Real estate platform HomeCanvasr promises you listings you can't find on StreetEasy or elsewhere.

Morningside Heights »

Rents have soared nearly 80 percent in the neighborhood, according to StreetEasy.

Cobble Hill »

Cobble Hill is one of four Brooklyn neighborhoods that surpassed Manhattan rents, a new report says.

Midwood »

See which neighborhoods had the fastest and slowest rental markets in August.

Lincoln Square »

To afford 2015's median rent in NYC, you need to earn more than four times the state's minimum wage.

East Village »

Listings for four apartments on East 5th Street appeared online, even though they cannot be occupied.

Lower East Side »

Homes in the East Village and Lower East Side were on the market for an average of 31 and 36 days.

SoHo »

But don't get your hopes up. Real estate is still very pricy there, according to Streeteasy.

Crown Heights »

The neighborhood is one of 11 in Brooklyn where buyers are shelling out more than sellers ask.

Prospect Heights »

Half of Brooklyn neighborhoods saw sales prices that were at or above asking prices, StreetEasy found.

Canarsie »

A StreetEasy analysis shows blacks and Hispanics apply for fewer mortgages and are denied more often. 

Forest Hills »

The median sales price on Groton Street, between 70th and 72nd avenues, is $1.78 million, a report says.

Washington Heights »

Pay attention, grads-to-be: You can make it here, but you'll probably need a few roommates.

Upper West Side »

Manhattan's housing inventory hit a record low in the first quarter of 2015, Streeteasy found.