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Kew Gardens »

Witness Recants Testimony in '94 Murder, Says Police Forced Her to Testify

Joan Gennace-Purser said police coached her to finger Robert Jones in the murder of his ex-lover.

Kew Gardens »

Queens DA Defends Veteran Prosecutor Against Misconduct Claim

A convicted Harlem man's claims of coerced testimony in his bid for freedom has ranckled the Queens DA.

Central Harlem »

Harlem Man Serving Life For Murder Says Queens Prosecutor Railroaded Him

Robert Jones, 45, said veteran Queens prosecutor Debra Lynn Pomodore coached and intimidated witnesses.

Bushwick »

Hapless Young Bushwick Guys Get the 'Girls' Treatment in New Film

"Mostly Awake" both mirrors and lightly mocks the struggles of Bushwick male 20-somethings.