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Hunts Point »

Bronx Thrift Shop Offers Quality Goods From Abandoned Storage Units

A Hunts Point Avenue shop scores high-end merchandise from left-behind storage spaces.


DUMBO Mom Invents Beanbag Storage Chair for Tiny Apartments

Andrea Soto invented a dual-purpose beanbag chair for small New York City apartments.  

Prospect Heights »

Brooklyn Museum May Have to Pay Hundreds of Thousands to Store Fake Art

The Brooklyn Museum may have to spend $286,000 a year to store forgeries and unviewable art.

East Village & Lower East Side »

Compulsive Shopper Charged With Bilking Blind Widow for $1.6 Million

Philip Leopold is charged with stealing more than $1.6 million from an 85-year-old widow.

Manhattan »

Stolen Vans Not Believed to Be Connected to 9/11 Anniversary Terror Threat

Three vans have been stolen in the New York area in recent days, but officials are cautioning against connecting the thefts to a 9/11 Anniversary terror plot.