State of the City address

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Sunnyside »

City Plans 11,000 Affordable Units at Sunnyside Yards Despite Gov Saying No

Mayor Bill de Blasio said they want to develop 11,250 affordable apartments at the 200-acre rail yard.

Civic Center »

VIDEO: Mayor de Blasio Posts Selfie Video to Vine

Bill de Blasio just shared his first Vine video since elected Mayor.

Great Kills & Tottenville »

Staten Island Food Trash to be Composted by City

Mayor Bloomberg announced the pilot program to compost food waste.

Manhattan »

Mayor Vows Major Pay Raise For Top Teachers at State of the City Address

Mayor Michael Bloomberg delivered his State of the City Address in the Bronx Thursday.

Fordham & Tremont »

Kingsbridge Armory Redevelopment to Get New Lease on Life

The mayor is expected to announce the revival of the Kingsbridge Armory in his State of the City address.

Manhattan »

Quinn Takes on Parking Woes, Affordable Housing in State of the City Address

The City Council Speaker announced a new "red alert system" to identify affordable housing that's about to be lost.

Manhattan »

Upper Manhattan Now Included in Plan to Legalize Hailing Livery Cabs

The mayor introduced the idea of allowing livery cabs to make on-street pickups in his State of the City speech.

Manhattan »

Restaurants with 'A' Grades Exempt From Fines

Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the change during his State of the City address Wednesday.