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Ditmars »

Fatal Hit-and-Run Spurs Call for Traffic Changes Near Astoria Park

Residents want speed bumps and possibly a traffic light near where a 21-year-old was killed last month.

Astoria »

20 MPH 'Slow Zone' Coming to Astoria

The DOT plans to lower the speed limit on several streets between Astoria Boulevard and 30th Avenue.

Sunnyside »

DOT Installs New Traffic Light, Lower Speed Limit at Busy Sunnyside Corner

The DOT added a light and pedestrian signals at 51st Street and Skillman Avenue last week.

Longwood »

DOT Unveils Plan to Decrease Pedestrian Deaths in Bronx

The blueprint is part of Vision Zero, the city's plan to eliminate traffic fatalities in New York.

Woodside »

De Blasio Signs 11 Traffic Safety Bills as Part of 'Vision Zero' Initiative

The signing took place near the Woodside intersection where an 8-year-old was killed in December.

Sunnyside »

Queens Blvd. 'Slow Zone' Won't Actually Have Lower Speed Limit

The DOT said the roadway's speed limit will remain at 30 miles per hour, according to a spokesman.

Park Slope »

Children's Deaths Prompt Residents to Brainstorm Traffic Safety Solutions

The deaths of Sammy Cohen Eckstein, Lucian Merryweather and Allison Liao have left many wanting changes.

High Bridge »

At Middle Schoolers' Urging, Mount Eden Gets a 'Slow Zone'

A group of Bronx students successfully campaigned for safer streets in their neighborhood.

East Village & Lower East Side »

Car Crashes More Deadly Than Gun Violence in NYC, Advocates Say

A study released by Transportation Alternatives calls for the city to put more attention on preventing crashes.

Harlem »

Harlem Kids Get Speed Sign Installed Near School

Nearly half of the drivers passing P.S. 175 were found to be speeding as school let out, the DOT said.

Manhattan »

Skeletons to Scare Drivers into Slowing Down

Images of skeletons will feature on speed boards warning drivers that they're going too fast.

Manhattan »

Parks Dept. Settles Confusion Over Central Park Cycling Speed Limit

The Parks Department is removing Central Park's outdated "15 mph" signs from 20 years ago.

Manhattan »

Jaywalkers and Cab Drivers Vindicated in Surprising Pedestrian Study

Only 20 percent of the pedestrians killed or seriously injured during 2009 were jaywalkers, according to a new study.