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Sunset Park »

Sunset Park School Not at Fault for Teen's 3-day Disappearance: Officials

The report found that 4 special needs students, including Nashaly Perez, walked out of school on Sept 15

Long Island City »

Avonte Oquendo's Mother Warned of Son's Tendency to 'Run,' Probe Finds

The case has been turned over to the Queens District Attorney's office for review.

Canarsie »

Educator Loses Job at City School After Email About Butchering Moose

John DeWind lost his consulting gig at a Brooklyn school after writing an email about butchering a moose.

New York City »

School Workers Who Tidy Classrooms Not So Squeaky Clean, Investigators Say

Three city school cleaners have been accused recently of inappropriate behavior.

New York City »

Porn Star Wannabe Among School Workers Busted for Bad Behavior on Facebook

A group of city schools employees were recently busted for bad behavior on the social-networking site.

New York City »

Investigators Flag Ed Department For Lax Contractor Vetting

City investigators say the Department of Education needs to vet contractors better.

Fordham & Tremont »

Top DOE Official Fired After Allegedly Pulling Strings to Hire Wife

A top Department of Education official has been accused of using his influence to get his wife a job.

East Village & Lower East Side »

Shuang Wen School Investigation Reveals No Theft of Funds

An investigation into financial practices at the Shuang Wen School revealed no theft of funds.  

Manhattan »

Consultant Scammed $3.6 Million from City Schools, Officials Say

Ross Lanham allegedly scammed the city for more than six years, as IBM and Verizon stood by, according to a report.