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Murray Hill »

City Appeals Soda Ban Decision

The city filed an appeal the day after a state judge blocked the soda ban from going into effect.

New York City »

Gulp! Bloomberg's Large Soda Ban Fizzles

A state judge knocked down Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ban on large sugary drinks.

Fort Greene »

Emergency Room Visitors Prefer Junk Food, Hospital CEO Says

Brooklyn Hospital CEO Richard Becker defended his junk food-filled vending machines.

New York City »

Ban on Large Sodas Rubber-Stamped by Board of Health

In six months drinks larger than 16 ounces will be outlawed in New York City.

New York City »

New Yorkers Want Crackdown on Alcohol Abuse, Poll Finds

A majority of voters support a crackdown on alcohol abuse, a new poll finds.

Long Island City »

Queens Councilman References the Holocaust in Soda Ban Testimony

Queens City Councilman Dan Halloran testified at a public meeting Tuesday against the soda ban.

East Village »

Mayor Bloomberg Says Proposed Large Soda Ban Won't be Stopped

Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended his controversial large soda ban plan one day before a public hearing.

Belmont »

Bloomberg Targets Junk Food in Latest Move to Curb Obesity

More than 80 food sellers Fordham and West Farms have agreed to showcase healthier fare.

Union Square »

City Offers $2 Bonus for New Yorkers Who Use Food Stamps at Farmers Markets

Expanding the 'Health Bucks' program is expected to greatly increase low-income people's produce access.

New York City »

Giant Soda Ban Falls Flat With New Yorkers, Poll Finds

More than half of those polled think the city shouldn't ban restaurants from serving large sugary drinks.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Soda-Guzzling Competitors Battle at Burping World Championships

The amount of soda consumed at the Burping World Championships would have made Bloomberg cringe.

New York City »

Councilmembers Defend Munching on Junk Food While Debating Drink Ban

Some Councilmembers said they're entitled to eat whatever they want during lengthy hearings.

Civic Center »

Council Members Gorge on Junk Food While Mulling Soda Ban

City Council members ate Cheez-Its, Fritos and downed a 32-oz. drink while discussing the "sugar ban."

New York City »

Shelly Silver Won't Block Bloomberg's Proposed Ban on Supersize Drinks

Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver said that, while he has concerns about the plan, he won't block it.