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Clinton Hill »

Brooklyn Restaurant Has Separate, Less Boozy Drinks Menu 'For Ladies'

Menus at Los Pollitos III distinguish between drinks "For Ladies," "For Men," and "For Everybody."

East Village »

Big Buck Hunters Shoot for Glory in Video Game League

Competitive players of the pro-hunting arcade game embrace the motto: "Make Shots. Take Shots."

Downtown »

TriBeCa Bar Biddy Early's Ditches Beer Pong Table for Family Vibe

Biddy Early's, at 43 Murray St., will reopen as Woodrow's early next year. The bar plans to get rid of its beer pong table in favor of a family steakhouse vibe.

Harlem »

Shots Break Out Near Harlem Church Service

Shots broke out near an outdoor church service in Harlem on Tuesday night, injuring two, including a congregant in his 70s, witnesses said.

Midtown & Theater District »

Apple Store One of Midtown's Top Photo Spots

Rockefeller Center, Times Square and... the Apple Store? People really like photographing the iPad emporium, it seems.

Greenwich Village & SoHo »

Vodka Bikini Wax Gives Shot of Relief to Summer Ritual

The Beauty and Youth Spa and Salon in Greenwich Village is offering vodka shots to take the edge off waxing.