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Fort Greene »

7 Innovative Reuseable Items That'll Help You Pack a Lunch This Fall

There’s plenty of clever and reuseable products that will reduce waste generated by lunch.

Long Island City »

Antibiotic-Free Chicken Coming Soon to NYC Public School Cafeterias

Chicken, the top item on school cafeteria menus, will be antibiotic-free starting next year, DOE said.

Mott Haven »

Bronx Students Go Hungry Rather Than Eat 'Unappetizing' School Lunch

Students at the Bronx Academy of Letters said they were served still-frozen pizza and cold taco meat.

Upper West Side »

4 Ways to Get Kids Eating Healthier Food in NYC Public Schools

Parents can advocate for an alternative lunch menu, hydroponic gardens and training for school cooks.

Civic Center »

School Lunch Prices Rise 25 Cents Monday in First Hike in Decade

The price of school lunch goes up by 25 cents to $1.75 on Monday.

Civic Center »

Universal Free School Lunch Plan Will Remove Stigma, Advocates Claim

The group Community Food Advocates plans to launch a campaign this fall calling for universal free lunch.

Upper West Side »

Composting Program Expanding to More Than 200 Additional Schools

Some 218 schools will be composting food by next spring, Department of Education officials said.

New York City »

City to Increase School Lunch Costs, Parking Fees to Fill Budget Gap

New Yorkers will be forced to pay more for parking and school lunches under the latest budget plan.

Manhattan »

City Extends Deadline for Schools to Pay Lunch Bills

Outstanding lunch fees from schools across the city total in the millions of dollars.

Manhattan »

Sen. Gillibrand Withholds Support for Food Stamp Ban on Soda

Gillibrand was reportedly "still looking" at a plan to remove sugary drinks from the list of acceptable food stamp purchases.