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East New York »

The mayor tried to allay fears that his planned rezoning would push out long-time residents.

Upper West Side »

If the school is still "dangerous" next fall when it doubles in size, the DOE will offer transfers.

Upper West Side »

The proposed lines are not set in stone yet as the rezoning is up for a vote by CEC 3 in November.

Clinton Hill »

Rezonings will affect building height requirements and affordable housing deals.

Brooklyn Heights »

The deadline is soon approaching on the proposed rezoning of two District 13 schools.

East New York »

Community groups want to ensure new retailers hire locally and offer job training and benefits.

Vinegar Hill »

Some community members say the city's proposed rezoning plan focuses on P.S. 8 and ignores P.S. 307.

Windsor Terrace »

M.S. 839 is one of nine new schools citywide to open this fall, according to the DOE.  

Lower East Side »

Fifteen community groups and leaders want the city to adopt the Chinatown Working Group plan.

East New York »

Residents expressed dissatisfaction Wednesday with the city's plan to bring new housing to the area.

Red Hook »

Oxford Nursing Home is planning to move its operation to a new Red Hook space.

East Harlem »

The community garden will expand all the way to Park Avenue.

Central Harlem »

The board's Land Use Committee supported the tenants' opposition to the plan.

Upper West Side »

A committee is considering changes to District 3's boundaries for easier admission to local schools.