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Commissioner Bratton Orders NYPD Shakeup To Fine-Tune His Team

Bratton is making a push to implement his NYPD vision and revamp the recruitment process.

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Bratton 'Dangerously' Close to Getting NYPD Backs Turned on Him: Sources

NYPD rank-and-file anger at Mayor de Blasio could spill over onto Commissioner Bratton, sources say.

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Police Commissioner Kelly's Next Career: Professional Speaker

Kelly, who is being replaced by Bill Bratton, has signed on to work with the Greater Talent Network.

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Ray Kelly to Stash De Blasio NYPD Transition Team in Trailer

The trailer at One Police Plaza will leave the team with little access to police headquarters.

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De Blasio Says He's Looking at Bratton, Banks and Pineiro for NYPD Chief

The mayor-elect wouldn't say which candidate has the lead for the NYPD Commissioner's job.

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Latino Groups Ask Future Mayor to Hire Pineiro as NYPD Commissioner

They want the mayoral candidates to consider Rafael Pineiro for the position of police commissioner. 

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NYPD Eyeing Drones to Monitor Crowds

NYPD Chief Ray Kelly talked stop-and-frisk and surveillance during an interview at the 92nd Street Y.

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Ending Stop-and-Frisk Will Cost Lives, Kelly Warns

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said changing controversial police strategies would be dangerous for NYC.

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Ex-Ray Kelly Aide in Plea Talks Over Prank Calls

Manuel "Manny" Lopez was charged in May with harassing former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and top NYPD brass.

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Illegal Stop and Frisk Stops Rampant Among NYPD, Study Finds

Nearly 150,000 police stops were made without any reported justification.

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NYPD Commish Ray Kelly Passes the Bill at Harvard Club, Report Says

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has been getting free food, drinks and membership for years, NYPD Confidential reported.

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'Ring of Steel' Wraps Big Apple Up in Surveillance Web

The city began monitoring an additional 500 Midtown surveillance cameras Monday, bringing the total to 1,159.