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Crown Heights »

Crown Heights Man Cleared Months After Alleged Pride Party Police Raid

Crown Heights resident Jabbar Campbell was acquitted Wednesday of charges he assaulted an officer. 

Crown Heights »

Brooklyn Prosecutors Drop Case Against Alleged Police Brutality Victim

The Brooklyn DA's office announced it would drop charges against Ehud Halevy.

Crown Heights »

Hundreds Join Pre-Sabbath Rally For Alleged Police Brutality Victim

Scores of protesters took to the streets in Crown Height amidst outrage over alleged police brutality

Crown Heights »

Friday Afternoon March Planned For Man Beaten by Police in Crown Heights

Scores of protesters plan 'Justice for Ehud' rally, as the community reels from taped beating

Crown Heights »

Cop Caught on Tape Beating Man in Jewish Center Under Investigation

A 71st Precinct officer was relieved of gun and badge as the NYPD probes the beating of a homeless man.

New York City »

Cop Who Shot Unarmed Queens Man Has History of Heroism and Controversy

Hassan Hamdy, an ex-Marine in a dangerous NYPD unit, has also seen his share of controversy.

Central Harlem »

Alleged Cop Attack on Harlem Dirt Bike Rider Under Investigation

Benjamin Charles, 31, a dirt bike rider, says police beat him on Aug. 21 in Harlem.

South Bronx »

Bronx Rapper Intikana Claims 'Police Brutality' at OWS Court Appearance

Rapper and filmmaker Intikana, who was arrested after the Zuccotti Park raid, claimed police beat him.

Downtown »

Parents and Kids for Occupy Wall Street Protest Police Brutality

Parents for Occupy Wall Street protested police brutality at City Hall on Dec. 10, 2011.

Downtown »

Charge Pepper Spray Cop, Protester's Lawyer Says

A lawyer for Occupy Wall Street protester Kaylee Dedrick, who was among those pepper sprayed during a march last month, has asked the District Attorney to charge the officer who allegedly sprayed her.

East Village & Lower East Side »

Lawyer For Accused Club Rioters Says Video Will Prove Cops Provoked Fight

A lawyer for the five individuals arrested during a tussle with police outside Tammany Hall said the venue's surveillance video will prove his clients' innocence.

East Village & Lower East Side »

Five from LES Melee to Appear in Court

The individuals arrested for assaulting police in the near riot outside Tammany Hall are set to appear in criminal court Tues., Sept. 27.

Washington Heights & Inwood »

March For Justice in Police Shooting Death of John Collado

Dozens marched in Inwood Saturday afternoon to protest the shooting death of John Collado, who was shot to death by a cop during a drug bust.

East Village & Lower East Side »

Vigil Honors Couple Wounded in Pennsylvania Shooting

Friends of Paul and Monica Shay gathered for a vigil in front of their East 10th Street home Tuesday.

Harlem »

Jury Acquits Record Producer Who Claimed Police Retaliation

Clarence Jones, 30, said he was arrested because he complained about a black doll's head on a police officer's patrol car.