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Chelsea »

Controversial Host Sparks Ramen Rebellion at NYC Food and Wine Festival

The NYC Food and Wine Fest hired controversial comic "The Fat Jew" to host their ramen event Oct. 17.

Concourse »

6 People Shot at Park Party in The Bronx, Police Say

Most of those shot in Franz Sigel Park were teens, with the youngest being 14, police said.

Inwood »

After Inwood Parks Trashed, Locals Organize on Facebook

Residents said large weekend parties regularly cover the park in garabge while trash cans appear empty.

Corona »

Police Bust After-Hours Partiers at Flushing Meadows Park

The borough's largest park is often enjoyed late-night because of road accessibility, police said. 

Bed-Stuy »

Where to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Bed-Stuy

A last-minute guide to ringing in 2015 in Bedford-Stuyesant with all-you-can-drink deals and more. 

East Village »

Veselka to Offer Free Food and Booze for 60th Anniversary

The event will feature "hors d’oeuvres style" versions of the restaurant's classic dishes.

Greenwich Village »

Woman Dies in Fall From Greenwich Village Roof Party, Police Say

Cindy Yeh, 23, was dancing and tumbled from a Sullivan Street roof, police said.

West Harlem »

3,000 People Crash Party and Trash Riverside Park, Neighbors Say

Videos of people jumping on cars were posted to Instagram with the hastag Project X.

Midtown »

How to Throw a New York City 4th of July Party

We've got tips and menus for throwing a casual but impressive Independence Day party. 

Forest Hills »

Queens Residents to Greet New Year with Rare Beer Toast and Yoga Class

Locals will find a variety of events to choose from to celebrate the new year.

Times Square & Theater District »

Best New Year's Eve Options for $100 or Less

From yoga classes to salsa parties, DNAinfo New York picked the top New Year's events for less than $100.

Columbia Street Waterfront District »

Rowdy Bar Hikes Drinking Age to 25 to Pacify Neighbors

Phil's Crummy Corner has started restricting the bar to 25 and older after 10 p.m. to reduce complaints.

Upper West Side »

This Week's Best Shows and a Spotify Playlist of the Bands

All the essential concert experiences in New York City between Nov. 13 and Nov. 19.

East Williamsburg »

FDNY Shuts Down Hipster Party Boat in Newtown Creek

Officials said the boat parked at 190 Morgan Avenue was a "derelict vehicle" that must be vacated.