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Christians, Muslims and Jews to Gather for Interfaith Passover Seder

The event at Park Avenue Christian Church hopes to break down barriers between religious communities.

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Anne Frank Museum Expected to Neighbor Park 51 Mosque, Says Report

Anne Frank Center USA is reportedly moving to a larger space at 100 Church Street.

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Mosque Near Ground Zero Imam and Family Receive Death Threats, Wife Says

The imam of the proposed mosque near Ground Zero and his wife have received death threats.

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Park51 Imam Defends Mosque Project on '60 Minutes'

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf defended the proposed Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero during a TV interview Sunday.

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Woody Allen Backs Downtown Mosque, Calls Foes 'Frauds'

Woody Allen is the latest celebrity to weigh in on the Park51 project, following Michael Moore and Donald Trump.

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Imam 'Exploring All Options' for Mosque Near Ground Zero

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf said he is working on a plan to resolve the mosque dispute.

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Thousands Support Mosque on Eve of 9/11

The crowd used the eve of Sept. 11 to support the controversial mosque near Ground Zero at a candlelight vigil.

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Muslim Organizations Equate Outcry Against Ground Zero Mosque With Jim Crow Conditions

Over 55 Islamic organizations decried efforts to stop the construction of the mosque near Ground Zero.

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Mayor Bloomberg Says Only Death Will Stop His Third Term

The mayor has repeatedly tried to thwart rumors that he plans to launch a bid for the White House 2012.

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Park51 Developer Had Minor Run-Ins With Law in the Past

Sharif El-Gamal reportedly had a few run-ins with the law long before he began the push to build a mosque near Ground Zero.

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Bloomberg Defends Ground Zero Mosque on 'The Daily Show'

Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended the the mosque near Ground Zero, and called the controversy a political tool.

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Cabbie Stabbing is 'What Terrorists Want,' David Paterson Says

Gov. David Paterson said Tuesday's brutal attack on a Muslim cab driver "is what the terrorists really want."

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Parody Twitter Account Makes Fun of Proposed Mosque Near Ground Zero

The mock Twitter feed in nearly identical in name to the real feed for the proposed mosque near Ground Zero.

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Ground Zero Mosque Fires Twitter Team Over 'Anti-Semitic' Tweet

Organizers got rid of their Twitter team following a seemingly anti-Semitic posting.