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TriBeCa »

Panhandler Hits Woman With Broom and Dustpan on C Train, Cops Say

A panhandler was arrested for hitting a woman who ignored his pleas for money on the subway, police said.

Midtown South »

Panhandlers Cash in on Mosque Worshippers' Goodwill, Imam Says

A religious community on West 29th Street is grappling with how best to deal with the panhandlers.

Midtown & Theater District »

NYPD Blitz on Penn Station Panhandlers Is Working, Say Biz Owners

Eighth Avenue business owners praised the NYPD for clearing out aggressive panhandlers.

Manhattan »

Mayor Says There Are Few Panhandlers on City Subways

New York's billionaire mayor showed ignorance of city subways saying panhandlers are few in city.

Midtown & Theater District »

Beggar Problem at Crisis Point Near Penn Station, Say Business Owners

Businesses along Eighth Avenue say aggressive panhandlers are scaring customers and becoming violent.