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New Ferry Service Planned for Staten Island

The new service would provide visitors better access to St George's waterfront.

St. George »

Staten Islander Organizes to Combat Feared Gentrification of North Shore

Community meetings give voice to concerns over development.

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City Council Approves World's Largest Ferris Wheel for Staten Island

After a long delayed vote, the council unanimously approved the Ferris wheel and outlet mall.

St. George »

Rally Calls for Staten Island Outlet Mall Developers to Use Union Labor

Union members were joined by local elected officials to call on the developer to use union labor.

St. George »

City Council Wants Staten Island Ferris Wheel Without Mall, Report Says

The City Council is looking for a way to approve the New York Wheel without Empire Outlets.

Stapleton »

City to Give $425K in Prizes to New Staten Island Businesses

The city will open a new business incubator and give out cash prizes to retail renters.

Westerleigh »

New York Wheel Gets Backing From Staten Island Leaders

Community Board 1 voted in favor of zoning changes needed for the Ferris wheel.

St. George »

Residents Fear New York Wheel Will Hurt Staten Island Commutes

At a civic association meeting, residents expressed concern that the wheel will back up traffic.

Livingston »

Residents Fear Staten Island Ferris Wheel Will Block Their View

At the first public meeting for the New York Wheel, residents complained about the loss of their view.

St. George »

Gallery Owner Pushes for Public Art in Shadow of Staten Island Ferris Wheel

Gary Brant, Galerie St. George's owner, is working on a proposal for an art gallery in the outlet mall.