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Number of Stalled Construction Sites Increasing, Study Finds

The number of stalled construction sites in the city rose 17 percent since February, analysis shows.

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Construction Jobs Hit 13-Year Low, But Wages Expected to Hit All-Time High

Construction jobs were the lowest since 1999, but wages will soon top $70K, a report said.

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Construction Spending, Jobs Stall Post-Recession, Report Says

Construction spending and jobs are expected to remain down through 2013, the New York Building Congress reported.

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Lower Toll Hikes Will Hurt New York, Port Authority Director Says

Port Authority executive director Chris Ward said lower toll hikes will mean fewer infrastructure improvements and that New Yorkers need to invest more in their future.

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Construction Strike Averted After Crane Operators Reach Late-Night Deal

A crane operators strike would have impacted major construction projects across Manhattan.

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Crane Workers Negotiation Down to the Wire

The New York Building Congress said in a statement Thursday that "a strike appears imminent."