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Prospect Heights »

Petition Demands Brooklyn Botanic Garden Reinstate Its Science Department

More than 1,200 petitioners have added their names to an online campaign for the now-defunct department

Prospect Heights »

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Cuts Science Staff Weeks After Native Garden Debut

The institution's longtime science department was eliminated and four staffers cut amidst improvements.

New York City »

Bloomberg Threatens Education Cuts if State Money is Lost

2,500 teaching jobs are on the line, Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned.

New York City »

City to Increase School Lunch Costs, Parking Fees to Fill Budget Gap

New Yorkers will be forced to pay more for parking and school lunches under the latest budget plan.

Manhattan »

Bloomberg's Budget Plan Includes Cuts to Fire Companies, Childcare Programs

Mayor Michael Bloomberg presented his preliminary plan for the 2013 fiscal year on Thursday.

Manhattan »

More Cash in Coffers than City Says, According to IBO

The Independent Budget Office says the city's latest budget projections may be too pessimistic.

Manhattan »

Gray Line Tour Guides Fight To Save Jobs at City Hall Rally

Scores of guides with the city's largest sightseeing company are facing layoffs on Jan. 1. 

Downtown »

Former Battery Park City Authority VP Blasts Mass Firings

Leticia Remauro, former vice president at the BPCA, attended a community meeting Dec. 6, 2011.

Manhattan »

Gray Line Tour Guides Could Be Replaced by Recording

Gray Line tour guides' union says the company plans to replace them with a recording to cut costs.

Midtown & Theater District »

Businesses Cry Foul over NBA Lockout

Restaurant owners and season ticket-holders protested the NBA lockout this week.

Manhattan »

Bloomberg Calls for Layoffs With City $500M Over Budget

The city's latest budget revision includes 250 additional layoffs by the end of June, as the city continues to tighten its fiscal belt.

Manhattan »

City Council Leaders Blast DOE Over School Layoffs

City Council members said Tuesday that the largest round of layoffs since the mayor took office could have been prevented.

Manhattan »

Parks Department Layoffs Averted in Deal with Union

Hundreds of Parks Department workers avoided layoffs this week, opting instead for a voluntary attrition program that would have them work 6 months out of the year.

Manhattan »

Teacher Layoffs Averted, Fire Companies Saved in City Budget Deal

About 1,000 city workers will still be laid off under the budget plan, set to be approved by the City Council Tuesday.

Manhattan »

Stringer Calls for Moratorium on New Schools Contracts

The borough president's call comes after a string of alleged scandals involving spending and consultants.