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Lower East Side »

INTERACTIVE: Follow Sheldon Silver's Secret Money Trail

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver hid more than $3 million in bribes and kickbacks, investigators say.

New York City »

Landlord's Deathbed Confession Sends Siblings on Hunt for Hidden Silver

The landlord's brother believes $4.5 million in silver and gold may be buried or in storage space.

Midtown »

Mom Arrested for Blocking Sidewalk While Waiting for Family to Use Bathroom

Chaumtoli Huq was arrested while standing in front of the Times Square Ruby Tuesday, court papers show.

Chelsea »

Strippers Drugged Men and Ran Up Huge Credit Card Bills, Investigators Say

The women took their victims to strip clubs where they ran up huge credit cards bills, sources said.

Upper West Side »

Pfizer Exec Battles for Custody of Girlfriend's Son After Her Suicide

Jonathan Sporn didn't provide the sperm, but says he's the dad of the child.

Upper West Side »

Lawyer Arrested for Knocking Down Bicyclist in Central Park

An Upper West Side lawyer was arrested and sued for knocking down a cyclist in Central Park.

Red Hook »

Maritime Museum Finding Lawyers to Help Red Hook Navigate Legal Waters

The director of the Mary H. Whalen is working to arrange free, long-term legal support for Red Hook.

Forest Hills »

Two Forest Hills Lawyers Convicted of $25M Mortgage Fraud

The lawyers filed for for bogus loans in Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island.

Astoria »

Astoria Lawyer Indicted for First-Degree Murder in Death of Girlfriend

Jason Bohn is facing first degree murder for allegedly killing his girlfriend Danielle Thomas.

Upper East Side »

Appeals Court Judges Ask: Why Can't Anna Gristina Wear an Ankle Bracelet?

Accused "Millionaire Madam" had her plea for bail reduction heard by an appellate court panel Thursday.

Downtown »

Brian Cashman's Accused Stalker Louise Neathway to Change Lawyers

Louise Neathway appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday.

Downtown »

Occupy Wall Street Demands Return of Confiscated Generators

The legal working group of Occupy Wall Street demanded the return of generators confiscated from Zuccotti Park on Oct. 28, 2011.

Midtown & Theater District »

Lawyer Turned Comedian Brings Laughs to Those in Need

A Midtown lawyer-turned comedian is bringing laughs to those who need it most with Cherub Improv.

Downtown »

Lawyer for DSK Accuser Crashed Meeting with DA, Sources Say

Kenneth Thompson crashed a meeting the DA's office called between a lawyer for a French woman who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault Tuesday, sources said.

Midtown & Theater District »

Former Porn Star Says Anthony Weiner Took Political Chats to the Gutter

Rep. Anthony Weiner allegedly emailed the former porn star, "You aren't giving my package due credit."