Hurricane Sandy'

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Lower East Side »

City Holding Community Workshops for East River Resiliency Plans

Three meetings later this month will give residents a chance to provide their input.

Rockaway Beach »

Multimillion-Dollar Rockaway Beach Lifeguard Shack Still Closed

The building at one of Rockaway's busiest beaches has been locked since last summer.

Rockaway Beach »

New Mini-Bowl at Rockaway Skate Park Needs $7K for Weatherproofing

The "mini-bowl" needs a coating and plywood to help it stand up to use and the nearby ocean's humidity.

Crown Heights »

Why Are the Trees on Eastern Parkway Being Cut Down?

The Parks Department has a plan to remove 29 trees from the parkway.

Red Hook »

City Spends $3.2M to Replace 3,600 Sandy-Damaged Trees in Brooklyn

Thousands of trees are still suffering the long-term effects of Hurricane Sandy. 

Rockaway Beach »

Bike Lane Markers Missing From Rebuilt Rockaway Boardwalk

Yellow bike lane markers included in city renderings haven't been added to the boardwalk.

Rockaway Beach »

Protesters With Signs Banished to 'Free Speech Zone' at De Blasio Event

Protesters were told to stand hundreds of feet away from Friday's unveiling of the Rockaway boardwalk.

New Dorp Beach »

Mayor De Blasio Approves Property Tax Relief for Sandy Victims

The bill, sponsored by Councilman Vincent Ignizio, was approved by the mayor.

Rockaway Beach »

Contractor Gets Extra $25M to Finish Rockaway Boardwalk on Time

The EDC asked for a total of $67.3 million for dunes, new access points and to pay for concrete planks. 

Red Hook »

NYCHA Gets $3B FEMA Grant to Rebuild Developments Affected By Sandy

The largest ever single FEMA grant will repair and fortify 33 NYCHA developments.

Far Rockaway »

City Paid $7M for Incomplete Work in Build It Back Program, Audit Says

The Comptroller's Office released an audit of the program and found it still had major flaws. 

Rockaway Beach »

Rockaway Taco Chef Splits Off to Open New Taco Joint Nearby

Andrew Field has been the chef of Rockaway Taco since it opened in 2007. 

Roxbury »

Local Opinion Not Enough on Fort Tilden Rehab, Parks Service Says

The Sandy-damaged beach will eventually undergo renovations to boost its resiliency.

Rockaway Park »

City Breaks Ground on New Rockaway Hockey Rink With Lights for Night Play

Crews will install new seating, water fountains and an electrical scoreboard, officials said.