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Travis »

Deer Hunter Becomes First Ever Arrested for Poaching in City, Officials Say

David Oakes was caught wearing camouflage gear and carrying a bow and arrow, investigators said.

Lower East Side »

Grandson Injured When Man Cleaning Hunting Rifle Accidentally Fires Shot

The 4-year-old boy suffered minor injuries when debris fell from the ceiling at 16 Jackson St.

Lower East Side »

Hunting and Fishing Club Still a Lower East Side Hangout After 51 Years

The men at Los Amigos Fishing and Hunting Club have frequented Rivington Street for decades.

SoHo »

Manhattan Politician Targets Wild Boar Ban

A bill awaiting Gov. Cuomo's signature would put a stop to pigs gone wild in New York. 

Great Kills & Tottenville »

Hunters Could Cull Staten Island Deer if Lhota Becomes Mayor

Mayoral candidate Joe Lhota says hunters could control Staten Island's deer population.

Manhattan »

Tribeca Film Festival Cancels Red Carpet for Film With Shot Deer

The Tribeca Film Festival has cancelled the red carpet event for "First Winter."

Manhattan »

Hipsters Illegally Kill Deer in Making of Tribeca Film Festival Movie

Actors in the Tribeca Film Festival's "First Winter" shot two live deer without a license.