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East Flatbush »

Bobby Shmurda's Lawyer Claims Prosecutors 'Hate Rappers'

Defense attorney Howard Greenberg claimed police targeted his client because the government hates rap.

Fort Greene »

Ralph's Bodega Reopens 2 Years After Owner Was Caught Selling Marijuana

The popular bodega has been a fixture in Fort Greene since the 1970s.

Flatiron »

Man Walks Up to Officer and Confesses He Has Loaded Gun, Police Say

Bobby Robinson Jr. was arrested after he told an officer he had a gun in his car, police said.

Chelsea »

Diamond-Studded Chain Snatching Sparked 14th Street Shooting, Sources Say

One man ripped a $20,000 chain off another man's neck in Good Stuff Diner, sources said.

West Village »

Man Caught With Assault Rifles Said He Wanted to Die in Combat, Police Say

A Pennsylvania man was stopped after police saw him driving the wrong way on Seventh Avenue.

Civic Center »

Gun Control Protest at City Hall This Weekend Funded by Ex-Mayor Bloomberg

The former mayor is underwriting a protest at his former workplace to call for tougher gun laws.

West Harlem »

Harlem Gang Takedown Is Largest in City History, Officials Say

More than 100 people were charged with conspiracy to murder and weapons possession.

Jamaica »

Jamaica Councilman Organizing Gun Buyback Event to Address Violence

The gun buyback program will take place in Jamaica on June 7.

Port Richmond »

Martin Scorsese's Nephew Arrested in Heroin Bust, Prosecutors Say

Frank Scorsese, 39, was arrested for dealing drugs to undercover police, a law enforcement source says.

Belmont »

Gun Dealer Sold Weapons Near Bronx Zoo Entrance, Officials Say

Javon Burgess, 36, sold guns to an undercover detective outside the Bronx Zoo five separate times.

Kew Gardens »

Family-Run Gambling Ring Had Cache of Weapons and Drugs, Queens DA Says

The family allegedly ran betting parlors in the city and Long Island, raking in about $1 million yearly.

Bed-Stuy »

Cops Nab Man in Deadly Bed-Stuy Shooting

Cops charged Patrick Laney, 32, in the death of Paul Ridley, 30.

Civic Center »

Traffickers Smuggled Hundreds of Guns Into NYC on Chinatown Buses, Cops Say

Gun smugglers used Chinatown buses to bring weapons from as far as South Carolina, cops said.

Bed-Stuy »

Cops Seize Cache of Drugs and Guns in Bed-Stuy Bust

Police found an arsenal of weapons, crack, heroin and cocaine in a Brooklyn apartment Friday morning. 

Jamaica »

Gunman Who Killed Queens Teen Opened Fire on Bus to Show Off, Sources Say

Relatives of D'aja Robinson, 14, blamed the NRA for the easy accessibility of guns.