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Airplane Part Found Behind Islamic Center Came from 9/11-Type Plane

Seattle manufacturer Boeing told cops that the serial number on the piece came from a 767 twin-engine.

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Park51 Developer Buys Next-Door Building for $8 Million

Sharif El-Gamal's latest property is adjacent to the site of his planned Islamic cultural center.

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Mosque Near Ground Zero Reportedly Exploring Other Uses

The lead developer behind the "Park51" project revealed in an interview that financial constraints had forced him to consider new uses for the property.

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Con Ed and Park51 Community Center Locked in $1.7 Million Rent Fight

Con Ed was threatening to terminate Park51's lease on 51 Park Pl. as early as Oct. 4, 2011. Park51's community center once included plans for a controversial mosque.

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Anne Frank Museum Expected to Neighbor Park 51 Mosque, Says Report

Anne Frank Center USA is reportedly moving to a larger space at 100 Church Street.

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Park 51 Sues Burlington Coat Factory for Removing Signs

Backers of a downtown Islamic Center allege that Burlington Coat Factory maliciously damaged the building.

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2010 Was Another Banner Year for Political Blunders in New York

Take a look at the most outrageous, controversial and entertaining political moments of the year.

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Twitter Played an Increased Role in New York City News in 2010

New York was the source of many entertaining and news making tweets in in the twitterverse in 2010.

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King Abdullah May Move ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ to St. Vincent’s Site, Report Says

A Saudi Arabian king is reportedly considering a plan to reopen St. Vincents hospital and build a mosque at the site.

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Sarah Palin's Creation 'Refudiate' is 2010 Word of the Year

'Refudiate' is the New American Oxford Dictionary's 2010 word of the year.

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ACLU Suing NJ Transit for Firing Koran-Burning Worker

The ACLU is suing NJ Transit for firing Derek Fenton after he was photographed burning pages of a Koran.

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Carl Paladino Signs Pledge Opposing Mosque Near Ground Zero

Carl Paladino said that if elected, he'll find a way to stop the Park51 center from being built.

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Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar Storm Off 'The View' After Bill O'Reilly's Ground Zero Mosque Comments

Two of the co-hosts of 'The View' walked off the set on Thursday in response to comments made by Bill O'Reilly.

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Ground Zero Mosque Founders Blast Firefighters' Lawsuit as 'Blind Bigotry'

The proposed religious center is seeking to have a lawsuit alleging 'psychological terrorism' thrown out.

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Mosque Near Ground Zero Imam and Family Receive Death Threats, Wife Says

The imam of the proposed mosque near Ground Zero and his wife have received death threats.