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Future of Healthy Bed-Stuy Grocery Grows Clearer as Shutdown Ends

Bed-Stuy Fresh and Local was looking for a loan from the SBA, which was closed during the shutdown.

Civic Center »

Federal Shutdown Could Impact Housing, Health and Hunger in the City

A protracted government shutdown could hurt the health sector, housing market and hungry New Yorkers.

Civic Center »

How the Government Shutdown Affects New York City

The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and other National Park facilities will close, officials said.

Manhattan »

Looming Government Shutdown Threatens to Cost New York Millions

If a budget deal isn't reached by Friday night, the national government will start shutting down.

Manhattan »

Cuomo Releases Video Slamming Albany Following Bloomberg's Ad

Cuomo took to the web to slam Albany's legislators in the wake of Bloomberg's paid ad also blasting them.