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State Tells Judge Whose Brother Died of Legionnaires' Disease to Keep Quiet

The state's Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics told James Rouse's brother not to speak to the media.

Greenwich Village »

Judge Sides With NYU Law Students in First Amendment Battle With Ex-Trustee

A judge said subpoenas from Daniel Straus' company "presented significant First Amendment issues.”

Greenwich Village »

Ex-NYU Law Trustee Renews Attack on Student in Labor Case

Attorneys for Daniel Straus' companies accused one of the subpoenaed NYU Law students of lying.

Greenwich Village »

NYU Law Trustee's Company Pushing Forward With Student Email Subpoenas

CareOne's attorneys defended their subpoenas of Luke Herrine and Leo Gertner's personal emails.

Greenwich Village »

ACLU Backs NYU Law Students Subpoenaed After Criticizing School Trustee

The ACLU of New Jersey has thrown its support behind two NYU Law School students.

Greenwich Village »

Man Arrested for Giving Cops the Finger Wins $15K Settlement from the City

Robert Bell, 26, said he would flip off an officer again, preceded by "with all due respect."

Greenwich Village »

Man Sues for Right to Give Cops the Finger After Village Arrest

A 26-year-old who gave officers the bird outside a West 4th Street bar says cops violated his rights.

Downtown »

Sukkah Could Come to Duane Park Despite Community Objections

Some Community Board 1 members raised concerns about placing a religious object in a public park.

Manhattan »

Mayor Bloomberg Says Only Death Will Stop His Third Term

The mayor has repeatedly tried to thwart rumors that he plans to launch a bid for the White House 2012.

Downtown »

MTA Will Run Controversial Bus Ad Against Ground Zero Mosque

The MTA will run a bus ad against the proposed Ground Zero mosque that uses Twin Towers imagery.

Downtown »

City Keeps Strict Limit of Nine Vendors in Battery Park

The city plans to cut the dozens of art vendors in Battery Park down to just nine.

Downtown »

Residents Object to New Limits on Vendors in Battery Park

The city's proposed rules would cut the number of art vendors in Battery Park from more than 100 to nine.