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Judge Sides With NYU Law Students in First Amendment Battle With Ex-Trustee

A judge said subpoenas from Daniel Straus' company "presented significant First Amendment issues.”

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Ex-NYU Law Trustee Renews Attack on Student in Labor Case

Attorneys for Daniel Straus' companies accused one of the subpoenaed NYU Law students of lying.

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NYU Law Trustee's Company Pushing Forward With Student Email Subpoenas

CareOne's attorneys defended their subpoenas of Luke Herrine and Leo Gertner's personal emails.

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ACLU Backs NYU Law Students Subpoenaed After Criticizing School Trustee

The ACLU of New Jersey has thrown its support behind two NYU Law School students.

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Man Arrested for Giving Cops the Finger Wins $15K Settlement from the City

Robert Bell, 26, said he would flip off an officer again, preceded by "with all due respect."

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Man Sues for Right to Give Cops the Finger After Village Arrest

A 26-year-old who gave officers the bird outside a West 4th Street bar says cops violated his rights.

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Sukkah Could Come to Duane Park Despite Community Objections

Some Community Board 1 members raised concerns about placing a religious object in a public park.

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Mayor Bloomberg Says Only Death Will Stop His Third Term

The mayor has repeatedly tried to thwart rumors that he plans to launch a bid for the White House 2012.

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MTA Will Run Controversial Bus Ad Against Ground Zero Mosque

The MTA will run a bus ad against the proposed Ground Zero mosque that uses Twin Towers imagery.

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City Keeps Strict Limit of Nine Vendors in Battery Park

The city plans to cut the dozens of art vendors in Battery Park down to just nine.

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Residents Object to New Limits on Vendors in Battery Park

The city's proposed rules would cut the number of art vendors in Battery Park from more than 100 to nine.