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Greenwich Village »

Officers Yell Anti-Gay Slur at Man, Fracture His Ribs at Pride Parade: Suit

An officer threw Jacob Alejandro to the ground and then called him a "fa---t," the lawsuit alleges.

Sunset Park »

Officer Who Pushed Pregnant Mom to get 'Slap on Wrist,' Critics Say

The CCRB substantiated the officer used excessive force against Sandra Amezquita, an agency letter read.

Jackson Heights »

Mom of National Guardsman Killed by NYPD to Sue City

The mother of Noel Polanco said she will file a suit against the city Tuesday.

Civic Center »

Federal Court KOs Mayor's Suit to Stop Living Wage Law

In the ruling, Judge Richard Sullivan said federal minimum wage law does not preempt the council's plan.

Upper East Side »

Real Estate Broker Claims Landlord Evicted Her Because She Had Cancer

Heatheran Kristopher, 43, was evicted from her East 81st Street apartment.

Downtown »

OWS Protester Files Lawsuit Against NYPD Officer Who Allegedly Punched Him

Felix Rivera-Pitre claims he was hit repeatedly by Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona during a 2011 protest.