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Astoria »

The GOP's top candiates will square off in the year's fifth presidential debate. Here's where to watch.

St. George »

The race between Illuzzi and McMahon will be decided on Tuesday.

Civic Center »

She believes she can make a bigger impact on education as head of her charter school network.

Civic Center »

The founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools will speak on the steps of City Hall.

Lower East Side »

Gigi Li, who has been board chair since 2012, has announced her canidacy for Democratic District Leader.

Civic Center »

The firebrand PBA boss should have been more conciliatory with the mayor, his would-be replacements say.

Crown Heights »

Geoffrey Davis, Rubain Dorancy and Diana Richardson may run for Karim Camara's Crown Heights seat.

Upper East Side »

Rebecca Seawright, a Democrat, beat Republican David Garland in the race for the 76th District seat.

Central Harlem »

The 22-term congressman has offered his support to a group of young leaders who worked on his campaign.

East New York »

Sampson and Charles Barron won their primaries in East New York.

Jamaica »

In the 14th state Senate district, three candidates will compete in the Democratic primary on Sept. 9.

Washington Heights »

Kelley Boyd was motivated to run after a legal battle with her landlord.

Upper East Side »

The Democratic candidates running to replace Micah Kellner will debate each other Monday night.

Washington Heights »

Elizabeth Lorris Ritter said she was "fully supportive" of Adriano Espaillat's reelection bid.

Inwood »

Rep. Charles Rangel and state Sen. Adriano Espaillat took a break from name-calling on election day.