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Mayor Bloomberg's Final Budget Slashes Teacher Jobs, Afterschool Programs

Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled his final budget Tuesday at City Hall.

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9/11 Health and Compensation Act Facing Nearly $40 Million in Federal Cuts

The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act could face $38 million in federal cuts next year.

New York City »

Mayor Orders $2.5 Billion in New Budget Cuts

City agencies are being asked to slash millions from their budgets yet again.

Manhattan »

Governor Will Withhold Extra School Aid Without Teacher Evaluation System

Gov. Andrew Cuomo threatened to withhold schools funding without teacher evaluation systems.

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Plastic Bag Tax Toted as Potential Revenue Raiser

A 6-cent tax on disposable plastic bags could generate $94 million a year, the city's Independent Budget Office said.

Midtown & Theater District »

Elderly Plead with Lawmakers to Save Senior Centers

Between 100 and 110 of the city's 256 senior centers will be forced to close because of budget cuts, officials said.

Manhattan »

Bloomberg Announces Deep Cuts to Schools, Daycare to Balance Budget

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is seeking to lay off 4,666 teachers and lose another 1,500 through attrition.

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Bloomberg to Albany: You Cut Our Budget, Now Cut Our Costs

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday's budget plan strips the city of nearly $2 billion in state funding.

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Education, Medicaid Slashed as Gov. Cuomo Drops Budget Ax

The governor's newly released budget includes serious cuts, including $518 million less in education aid for the city.

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Bloomberg Warns That 15,000 Teachers Could Be Fired

Gov. Andrew Cuomo will announce next Tuesday how much education funding the city will lose.

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State Government Turns to eBay to Unload Its Unwanted Junk

New York State has reportedly earned more than $1 million, selling everything from lawnmowers to vintage fire trucks.

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Latest Budget Report Conflicts With Mayor's Read on City's Coffers

Despite predicting higher tax revenue, the Independent Budget Office said a drop in state funding could erase any gains.

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New York Public Library Cuts Hours Across City

Libraries across the borough will be closing earlier and opening later under the latest round of budget cuts.

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City's Election Board Says It Can't Afford 2010 Elections

The board says it doesn't have the cash to run both the primaries and general.