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Mayor Bloomberg's Final Budget Slashes Teacher Jobs, Afterschool Programs

Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled his final budget Tuesday at City Hall.

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Bloomberg Threatens Education Cuts if State Money is Lost

2,500 teaching jobs are on the line, Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned.

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Walcott Warns of 'Painful' Cuts Unless Teacher Evaluation Deal Reached Soon

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said he wants a deal with the UFT by December 21.

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Mayor Orders $2.5 Billion in New Budget Cuts

City agencies are being asked to slash millions from their budgets yet again.

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Mayor Slashes After-School Programs but Spares Teacher Cuts

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 2013 Executive Budget will cut 200 after-school programs.

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CityTime Scandal Settlement Will Help Plug Budget Hole, Mayor Says

The city will use nearly $500 million in settlement cash to help pay for services.

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Mayor Bloomberg to Outline Cuts in Budget Speech

Mayor Michael Bloomberg will present his budget plan for the coming fiscal year Thursday.

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Furious Mayor Blasts Obama Over Supercommittee Failure

Mayor Michael Bloomberg criticized President Barack Obama Monday evening as the supercommittee convened to curb the nation's debt officially admitted failure.

Washington Heights & Inwood »

Ydanis Rodriguez Says Cops Assaulted Him in OWS Arrest

Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez was released without bail Tuesday evening following his Occupy Wall Street-releated arrest on Nov. 15, 2011.

Washington Heights & Inwood »

Beaten and Slashed Man Found Dead in Inwood

A man in his 40s was found beaten and slashed at a building on Payson Avenue and Dyckman Street early Friday morning, police said.

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City Freezes Hiring, Demands Across-The-Board Cuts

The Mayor's Budget Office has informed all city agencies that they must slash another 2 percent from their budgets this year and 6 percent in 2013.

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Parks Department Layoffs Averted in Deal with Union

Hundreds of Parks Department workers avoided layoffs this week, opting instead for a voluntary attrition program that would have them work 6 months out of the year.

Washington Heights & Inwood »

Town Hall Meetings Tackle Upper Manhattan's Fate Under New Budget

Councilman Robert Jackson will discuss the impact of the 2012 budget on Washington Heights and Inwood.

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City Council Adopts $66 Billion Budget for 2012

After a a 15-hour delay, the Council voted 49-1 in favor of the plan, which saves teachers' jobs, but eliminates others.

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Computer Glitch Delays City Budget Vote

The City Council will now vote on the austere 2012 budget and its deep cuts Wednesday morning.