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Thomas Jefferson Called Dibs on Mammoth Skull, Historic Letters Show

The president wrote a letter asking to buy mammoth fossils, according to recently released letters.

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Bloomberg and Kelly Fire Back on 'Dangerous' Stop-and-Frisk Ruling

The mayor and police commissioner vowed to appeal a federal judge's ruling against stop-and-frisk.

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NYPD Stop-and-Frisk Tactic Violates Rights, Federal Judge Rules

Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled that millions of New Yorkers were unlawfully stopped and searched.

Jamaica »

Mayor Bloomberg Says NYCLU 'No Better Than the NRA'

Mayor Michael Bloomberg slammed the NYCLU Sunday for criticizing the city's stop-and-frisk policy.

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NY Attorney General Files Legal Challenge to Defense of Marriage Act

Attorney General Eric Scheiderman filed legal papers that questions the constitutionality of a federal law that refuses to recognize marriage equality.

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Raymond Kelly Says Koran Burning is 'Un-American'

The police commissioner said it would be "unwise" for a Florida pastor to burn copies of the Koran.

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Michael Bloomberg Continues to Blast, and Defend, Koran Burning Plan

Mayor Michael Bloomberg stepped up rhetoric against a pastor's threats to burn korans on the anniversary of Sept. 11.

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Mayor Bloomberg Tells Ground Zero Mosque Heckler to Read the Constitution

Mayor Michael Bloomberg told a critic to check the Bill of Rights when asked about his support of plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero.