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Fordham »

Critics Question Deal For 'Limited Free' Wi-Fi in City Parks

The Wi-Fi service allows non-cable customers 30 minutes free per month, then charges 99 cents per day.

Chelsea »

Clearview Chelsea Cinemas to Get Facelift Under New Owner

The theater will be renamed Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas and will benefit from new projection equipment.

Midtown »

De Blasio Urges NBA to Hold 2015 All-Star Game at Barclays Center, Not MSG

The public advocate and mayoral candidate has joined labor unions' opposition to MSG exec. James Dolan.

Manhattan »

New Yorkers Abandon Cable TV Service For Netflix and TiVo

Manhattanites are canceling their cable TV subscriptions for cheaper methods of watching their favorite shows.

Manhattan »

Cable Giants to Provide Free Wi-Fi in Parks and Penalties for Late Repair People

In deal with the city, Time Warner and Cablevision agreed to provide free wireless Internet access in 32 parks.