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New Dorp Beach »

Residents Worry Dune Climbers Increase Neighborhood's Risk of Storm Damage

Residents in New Dorp Beach said they worry people climbing dunes will weaken them.

Great Kills »

Vandals Tear Down and Burn Fence Around Flood-Protective Dunes

Officials found more than 50 feet of charred fencing and empty cases of beer.

Great Kills »

ATV Riders Tear up Dunes Designed to Stop Post-Sandy Flooding

Off-roaders destroyed plantings designed to stop floods, the Parks Department said.

Great Kills »

Bloomberg Marks Sandy's Anniversary With Tour of Staten Island Defenses

The visit was part of a three borough tour of resiliency sites in Sandy damaged neighborhoods.

Oakwood »

City Seeks Bids to Rebuild Flood Protections in Oakwood Beach

The city wants to reconstruct berms in Oakwood Beach that were damaged in a 2009 fire.