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Gramercy »

Aldon James Agrees to Pay $900K to National Arts Club in Settlement Deal

The deal with the Attorney General's office settles a $1.75M lawsuit over James' club mismanagement.

Times Square & Theater District »

Times Square Club Fined $20K for Barring Non-Korean Patrons

Circle NYC must pay the state and also fork over additional restitution to the victims.

Gramercy »

Disgraced Ex-President Starts to Move Out of National Arts Club

Ex-president O. Aldon James has to be out of his National Arts Club apartment by July 31.

Stuy Town »

Stuy Town Won't Hike Rent Mid-Lease for Tenants Promised Otherwise

Stuy Town residents can avoid a pay increase if leasing agents misled them.

East Harlem »

AG Investigates Money Trail Between Coors and Puerto Rican Day Parade Team

Eric Schneiderman is looking into how the parade's board used MillerCoors funds meant for scholarships.

Gramercy »

National Arts Club Votes in New President

Rev. Tom Pike, former rector of the Calvary-St. George's Church, is the National Arts Club's president.

Chelsea »

Charity Slammed for 'Sweetheart Deal' With For-Profit AIDS Walk Organizer

A private company, MZA Events, brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and bonuses.

Gramercy »

Aldon James Will Not Face Criminal Charges in National Arts Club Scandal

But James still faces a $2 million suit from the Attorney General's office.

Jamaica »

Queens State Senator Pleads Not Guilty to Conspiracy Charges

State Sen. Shirley Huntley turned herself in at a Long Island courthouse Monday morning.

West Harlem »

Group Handling Columbia Cash Pledges 500 Summer Jobs

The troubled West Harlem Local Development Corporation said it will fund 500 jobs.

Murray Hill, Gramercy & Midtown East »

National Arts Club's Expulsion of Aldon James Stands Again, For Now

With an appeal pending, an appellate court issued a stay on a ruling that overturned Aldon James' ouster.

Murray Hill, Gramercy & Midtown East »

Investigation into National Arts Club Nearing End, Board President Says

National Arts Club president Dianne Bernhard said an investigation is close to ending.

Washington Heights & Inwood »

Inwood Drug Kingpin Taken Down in Interstate Bust, Authorities Say

Alleged Inwood drug kingpin Anthony Lugo was arrested for heading up an interstate drug ring. 

Murray Hill, Gramercy & Midtown East »

Aldon James Believes he Will Be 'Validated' at National Arts Club Hearing

Aldon James told National Arts Club members he'll be "validated," as he gears up for the Jan. 23 hearing.

Murray Hill, Gramercy & Midtown East »

Aldon James to Face National Arts Club's Board After Court Setback

O. Aldon James will face the National Arts Club board on Jan. 23 in a hearing debating his eviction.

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