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Belmont »

Peruvian Pelicans Swoop Into Bronx Zoo

Four Peruvian pelicans have been added to the Bronx Zoo's Russell B. Aitken Sea Bird Colony.

TriBeCa »

Live Alligator Among Wild Animal Models at TriBeCa Art Class

Pythons, lizards and a tortoise that roams the classroom are models for a popular drawing class.

Williamsburg »

Pooch Nearly Killed After Getting Shocked at Williamsburg Doggie Day Care

The dog needed surgery and multiple hospital stays after a playdate at Kiki's Pet Spa on Broadway.

Gowanus »

6-Foot Boa Constrictor Ditched at Gowanus Garage

Three snakes were found in a dumpster on Baltic Street, witnesses said.

Forest Hills »

Forest Hills Chicken Now Queen of the Roost at Upstate Animal Sanctuary

Queeny is thriving in upstate New York after she was evacuated because of Hurricane Sandy.

Upper West Side »

UWS Veterinarian Makes House Calls With New 'VetCierge' Service

The $125 visits feel more like playdates than doctor's appointments, the vet said.

Park Slope »

'Bully' Cat Makes Life Misery for Park Slope Felines

Fliers popped up recently asking the ferocious feline's owner to come forward.

Norwood »

Rare Baby Rhino Makes Debut at Bronx Zoo

Zoo officials introduce the "frisky" three-month-old calf as their "own royal baby" Friday.    

Corona »

Tiny, Barking, Kale-Eating Deer Born at Queens Zoo

The southern pudu was born weighing only a pound.

Gramercy »

Animal Psychic to Read Pets' Minds at Gramercy Fundraiser

Cauz for Pawz is offering owners a chance to learn what their pets really think about them.

New York City »

Well-Known Hawk Rehabilitator Threatened With Shutdown

Wildlife rehabilitator Bobby Horvath, who helps hordes of sick and wounded animals, could be shut down.

Lower East Side »

Learn How to Trap and Neuter Cats on the Lower East Side

Neighborhood Cats will be running workshops on the practice of TNR, or trap, neuter and return.

Upper East Side »

Upper East Siders Feel Persecuted For Walking Dogs in Central Park

Upper East Side owners said recently that they're getting ticketed too much in Central Park.

Upper East Side »

Bodega's 'Attack Cat' Menaces Passing Pups

A surly cat menaces dogs that dare pass by her Upper East Side bodega, locals said.

New York City »

24-Hour Hotline Helps New Yorkers Who Left Pets Behind

New Yorkers who had to leave their pets at home when they evacuated can call a city hotline.

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