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Greenpoint »

Pit Bull Falls From BQE as if 'Thrown Out of a Car,' Witnesses Say

The dog was bleeding from its mouth and couldn't stand after the fall, witnesses said.

Port Morris »

Mystery Animal Spotted in Bronx Is Rodent-Eating Weasel, Expert Says

A weasel seen near Bronx Community College is believed to be able to eat rats and porcupines.

Unionport »

No-Kill Bronx Animal Shelter at Risk of Closing, Founder Says

New Beginning shelter has experienced severe financial troubles over the past few months.

Forest Hills »

Feral Cats Being Removed From Forest Hills Hospital Grounds

About five stray cats have lived in a hospital yard for more than a decade, locals said.

Financial District »

'BirdCam' of Nesting Falcons Returns to Skyscraper After Hurricane Sandy

Peregrine falcons have returned to nest at 55 Water St., laying four eggs this year.

Belmont »

Peruvian Pelicans Swoop Into Bronx Zoo

Four Peruvian pelicans have been added to the Bronx Zoo's Russell B. Aitken Sea Bird Colony.

TriBeCa »

Live Alligator Among Wild Animal Models at TriBeCa Art Class

Pythons, lizards and a tortoise that roams the classroom are models for a popular drawing class.

Williamsburg »

Pooch Nearly Killed After Getting Shocked at Williamsburg Doggie Day Care

The dog needed surgery and multiple hospital stays after a playdate at Kiki's Pet Spa on Broadway.

Gowanus »

6-Foot Boa Constrictor Ditched at Gowanus Garage

Three snakes were found in a dumpster on Baltic Street, witnesses said.

Forest Hills »

Forest Hills Chicken Now Queen of the Roost at Upstate Animal Sanctuary

Queeny is thriving in upstate New York after she was evacuated because of Hurricane Sandy.

Upper West Side »

UWS Veterinarian Makes House Calls With New 'VetCierge' Service

The $125 visits feel more like playdates than doctor's appointments, the vet said.

Park Slope »

'Bully' Cat Makes Life Misery for Park Slope Felines

Fliers popped up recently asking the ferocious feline's owner to come forward.

Norwood »

Rare Baby Rhino Makes Debut at Bronx Zoo

Zoo officials introduce the "frisky" three-month-old calf as their "own royal baby" Friday.    

Corona »

Tiny, Barking, Kale-Eating Deer Born at Queens Zoo

The southern pudu was born weighing only a pound.

Gramercy »

Animal Psychic to Read Pets' Minds at Gramercy Fundraiser

Cauz for Pawz is offering owners a chance to learn what their pets really think about them.