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Financial District »

9/11 Museum Announces $24 Ticket Price

The 9/11 Museum, slated to open in May, will charge a $24 entrance fee.

Chelsea »

African, Lithuanian and American Films Lead Chelsea Film Fest's Lineup

The lineup for the first Chelsea Film Festival will highlight movies from eight countries.

Upper East Side »

Jewish Museum Launches 'Pay What You Wish' Thursdays

The Jewish Museum is letting visitors pay what they choose on Thursdays, officials said.

Manhattan »

Pre-K Registration Deadline Extended

The pre-k registration deadline has been extended until April 10.

Downtown »

New Yorkers Think 9/11 Museum Should Be Free, Poll Finds

Most New Yorkers believe admission to the 9/11 Museum should be free when it opens next year, according to a new poll.

Midtown & Theater District »

MoMA Admission Prices Going Up to $25

The Museum of Modern Art will increase admission prices starting Sept. 1.

Downtown »

9/11 Museum Tickets Could Cost $25

The 9/11 museum will charge fees similar to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, an official said.

Manhattan »

City Officials Stay Silent Over 'Weinergate'

Observers say pols are remaining mum until they can gauge the public's reaction to Anthony Weiner's scandal.

Manhattan »

Thousands of Eighth Graders Await Their High School Fates

More than 8,000 students were not admitted to any of the 12 high schools they applied to.